About "Papillons Blancs 91"

Papillons Blancs 91 is a French local organisation for parents and friends of mentally disabled people.
This organisation is based in the Essonne area, south of Paris, and the head quarter is in Lisses city.
It has been created in 1960, June24th and was called at the origin  " Les Papillons Blancs du Val d'Orge et de la Haute Seine".
A soon as Sept. 15th, 1961 the first centre for disabled persons has been open in the city of Ris-Orangis for 11 young children.
Today the organisation is having 7 centres for a total amount of  656 disabled people hosted in permanent living as well as daily hosted.
On top of that, most of these centres have also temporary agreements for a few persons and for no longer than 3 months.
As shown on the map on our home page for establishments and services, all of these centres are located in the Essonne area, close to Evry city, 30 km south Paris.
Today the organisation is doing a lot for the future, in the range of new establishments but also for services.
The last centre which has been created, is a living house for roughly 50 disabled workers (young and old as well). This centre is open since 01 december 2008.
As said previously, our organisation is also having projects for external services, in order to help disabled people and their family at their home.
By the way, the organisation is focusing today on our major concern, which is the assistance to old disabled people.
If you need more information or if  you are looking for details regarding our organisation, and if you wish meeting with us, just send us a mail at :
or make a call at :
tel.       : (33) 1 60 76 97 10
and we will answer to you within a few days.

"Les Papillons Blancs de l'Essonnne " Association de parents et d'amis de personnes handicapées mentales avec ou sans handicaps associés
3, avenue du Général de Gaulle - LISSES - 91021 EVRY CEDEX
Tél : 01 60 76 97 10 - Télécopie : 01 60 76 97 29 - Courriel : siege@papillonsblancs91.fr